Born in Hokkaido in 1955

In 2008, started the project “Roadside Lights” with vending machines.

Published in many media such as CNN, BBC, SPIGEL.


2020年 “Roadside Lights”Winter、Case Publishing /Tokyo, Japan

2017 “Being There” Case Publishing / Tokyo, Japan

2017 “Roadside Lights” Zen Photo Gallery, Case Publishing / Tokyo, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2023年 “Roadside Lights”AkioNagasawa gallery/Tokyo、Japan

2018 “Roadside Lights”Marianne Cat Gallery/ Marseille

2018 “Roadside Lights”case Tokyo/Tokyo

2018 “Roadside Lights”case Rotterdam/Rotterdam

2017 “Roadside Lights”Galerie&c0119/Pars

2017 “Roadside Lights ” Zen Photo gallery/Tokyo

2017 “Existence of ”epson imaging gallery/Tokyo

2016 “Roadside LightsⅣ” KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza/Tokyo

2015 “Roadside LightsⅢ” KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza/Tokyo

2014 “Roadside LightsⅡ”NIKON SALON/Tokyo

2013 “Roadside Lights” Continental gallery/Sapporo

2013 “Roadside Lights” KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza/Tokyo

2011 “Roadside Lights〜Light in a wayside” Continental gallery/Sapporo

2011 “Roadside Lights〜Light in a wayside”I.P.CTokyoHiro/Tokyo

2007 “Silk Road〜Afterimage of a relief” Fuji film photo salon Tokyo /Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 Sapporo Parallel MuseumSappro

2021 Photograph Town Higashikawa Prize-winning artist outdoor photo exhibition/Higashikawa

2021 Sapporo Art Exhibition" After Dark"Sapporo Art Museum/Sappro


2017 in print, out of print Photo Books Nara City photo art museum / Nara

2017 RAIEC WAVE Mirage Gallery/Kobe

2016 RAIEC Tokyo 331 Art Chiyoda/Tokyo

2014 “DARK ROOM MEETING2015” Continental gallery /Sapporo

2014 “Expressed picture Hokkaido” Continental gallery /Sapporo

2012 “Living with photography” I.P.CTokyoHiro/Tokyo


2018 Higashikawa International Photo Festival Special Photographer Prize

2017 2017 Photo-eye Best Books​

2017 Critical Mass Top50


Sapporo Art Museum
Higashikawa Culture Gallery


2021年 PhotoGaspesie/Quebec,Canada

2021 Auckland Festival of Photography/Auckland、NZ

2018 34th Higashikawa International Photo Festival / Higashikawa, Japan

2016 Singapore International Photo Festeval 2016 / Singapore, Singapore


2023 MIA-Milan Image ArtFair / Milan, Italy

2022 Paris Photo / Paris, France

2022 Foto fever paris /Paris, France

2022 PhillipsLondon /London, UK

2022 ArtFairDijion /Dijion, France

2021 Paris Photo / Paris, France

2021 PhillipsLondon /London, UK

2020 Photo Basel2020 / Basel, Switzerland

2020 PhillipsLondon /London, UK

2019 Paris Photo / Paris, France

2019 PhillipsLondon /London, UK

2019 Photo Basel2018 / Basel, Switzerland

2019 Haute Photographie / Rotterdam, Netherlands

2018 Photo Basel2018 / Basel, Switzerland